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Marion County Historical Society Museum
P.O. Box 1636
Fairmont, WV 26555-1636
304 • 367 • 5398

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This organization could not thrive without the support of many individuals and organizations. A special thank you to Marion County Commission, Central United Methodist Church, Marion County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Frank & Jane Gabor WV Folklife Center, the Bowers Foundation, City of Pleasant Valley, Town of Whitehall, Main Street Fairmont, Friendly Furniture, Adams Office Supply, the support of Senator Roman Prezioso and Senator Robert Beach, as well as Jeff and his wonderful maintenance crew who help keep our museum open.

There are many more volunteers who support our organzation behind the scenes and we appreciate them all:: Alisa Smith, Ann Morgan, Betty Andrews,k Bobby Bice, Carol Jacques, Carolyn Cummings, Cathy & Phil Reed, Chad Jeffres, Christa Greco, Christian Cummings, Cindy Staley, Connie Ahrens, D.D. Meighen, Diana & Richard George, Dora Kay Grubb, Drew Andrews, Eleanor Lee, Faith Bowyer, Gena Wagaman, George Sprowls & Kathy Sprowls, Gladys Miller, Guy Ward, James (Jim) Mathews, Jim Rote, Janice Chittum, Jelen Lee, JoAnn Lough, Joy Winet, Laura Cain, Linda Jack, Madison Bowen, Marcella Yaarenchuck, Mark Bowyer, Mary Jo Thomas, Nancy Koon, Nancy C. Toothman, Natalie Greco, Pat Watts, Pauline Grove, Richard (Dick) Bowyer, Royal & Janice Watts, Royce Lyden, Sandy Vaughan, Sarah Layne, Mary Bronson, Tonya Daft, Wha-ke-we-nn.