Everyone is welcomed as a volunteer whether is for a special project or an ongoing program. It is not necessary to be a member to volunteer, but we hope you would join. A volunteer form is filled out is completed.

Youth Volunteering: What It Can Do for You

Hello. Have you ever found yourself sitting at home looking for something to do? Do you enjoy helping others? Do you have an interest in history? If you answered yes to the above questions volunteering for the Marion County Historical Society is the perfect thing for you!

My name is Drew Edwards and I am sixteen years old. I have been a volunteer for the Marion County Historical Society for the past three years. In my humble opinion, the Marion County Historical Society is a very beneficial organization for our youth to be involved in. When being a part of our wonderful society you learn about what our ancestors have accomplished right in our very own backyards. It is beyond a doubt fascinating to see how much our state, let alone county, has contributed to major events in our nation's history. Learning these facts really comes in handy when taking eighth grade West Virginia history. The beauty of being a volunteer for the Marion County Historical Society is that once you have learned some of the great things our people have done, you are able to teach others. Knowledge is truly the gift that keeps on giving, and one that can never be taken away.

Volunteering is like chicken noodle soup; it warms the soul. When you volunteer you are able to make a difference in your community, and sometimes even people's lives. The school boards have realized how important volunteer work really is, so they have required students to perform community service in order to graduate. Volunteering for the Marion County Historical Society allows you to accumulate the amount of hours of volunteer work needed to graduate while having fun. The educational benefits are endless and the networking opportunities, countless. The up side is enormous. So when considering how to obtain your volunteer hours necessary for graduation, I highly recommend attaining them through the Marion County Historical Society.

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